ALAYA AI: Revolutionizing AI Sustainable Community Business Ecosystem

ALAYA AI is excited to introduce a new platform that makes it easy to collect and label data and integrate it with social commerce.

This platform is designed to address the changing demands of the artificial intelligence field by offering unique solutions.

These solutions support a sustainable economy, ensure user privacy, protect ownership, and help produce high-quality, scalable data.

Additionally, ALAYA AI’s platform aims to enhance the sharing economy by developing a system where users can gain knowledge and get paid for it.

Connecting Communities with AI through Social Commerce

ALAYA AI aims to bring together communities, data, and artificial intelligence, changing how we use data-driven technology.

Its Social Commerce feature creates a dynamic environment where users can share valuable data while maintaining full control over their ownership and privacy.

Fun and Rewarding User Experience

ALAYA AI offers an exciting quiz that boosts users’ knowledge and rewards them with digital assets.

Those who own ALAYA AI NFTs can take part in special tasks, contribute as data sources for AI, and earn rewards from the platform.

Secure Digital Asset Trading with Blockchain and AI

ALAYA AI has launched a new marketplace for safely and efficiently trading unique NFTs.

This platform uses blockchain and AI to ensure all transactions are transparent and reliable, offering a new world of opportunities for digital asset fans.

Easy-to-Use Comprehensive Guide

ALAYA AI focuses on making things easy for its users with a detailed guide that covers everything from signing up to taking quizzes, completing data tasks, and exploring the market.

This guide ensures a straightforward and seamless experience, allowing everyone to engage with AI and earn from their knowledge without any complex processes.

Key Features for Sustainable Growth

Sustainable Economic System

ALAYA AI allows users to generate income by participating in activities like answering questions, pledging support, and trading NFTs. This diversity in revenue generation supports the platform’s long-term sustainability.

Group Intelligence

The platform uses smart algorithms to fairly and cost-effectively assess tasks, encouraging a cooperative and smart community environment.

Community Expansion

ALAYA AI attracts a wide range of creative users, building a strong community of committed volunteers. This community-centric model increases user engagement and extends its influence to a broader audience.

Tiny Data Approach

Instead of solely relying on traditional big data methods, ALAYA AI focuses on “tiny” data. This approach prioritizes collecting high-quality data that is critical for creating business insights and supporting automated decisions.

Current Product Stage and Daily Active Users (DAU)

ALAYA AI launched its versions 1.0 and 2.0 in June and August 2023, respectively, and operates on the Arbitrum blockchain.

It’s one of the top 15 most active services on the chain and ranks in the top 3 among projects that have not issued tokens yet.

Currently, the main user base spans East Asia, India, and Southeast Asia, with over 400,000 registered users. The platform sees 15,000 daily users and at least 1,500 blockchain interactions each day.

Users can earn ETH and AIA tokens daily through the platform.

ALAYA AI was a proud sponsor of the official afterparty at Binance’s Blockchain Week in Turkey on November 8, 2023.

Future Plans

Soon, ALAYA AI plans to expand by launching on the BNB Chain and Optimism networks, aiming to grow its user ecosystem further.


ALAYA AI is a pioneering platform in the artificial intelligence sector, known for its seamless integration of social commerce, engaging quizzes, and secure trading of digital assets. It emphasizes user privacy, ownership rights, and the use of high-quality data, making it a leader in the AI industry.

Connect with ALAYA AI

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1. What is ALAYA AI?

ALAYA AI is an innovative platform at the forefront of artificial intelligence technology. It integrates social commerce, interactive quizzes, and secure trading of digital assets into one seamless experience, focusing on high-quality data, user privacy, and ownership protection.

2. How does ALAYA AI protect user privacy?

ALAYA AI places a high priority on user privacy. The platform uses advanced security measures to ensure that all user data is protected and that users maintain control over their personal information.

3. What kind of activities can users engage in on ALAYA AI?

Users can participate in various activities on ALAYA AI, including answering quizzes that enhance their knowledge, trading digital assets securely, and engaging in social commerce activities that allow them to earn and trade.

4. Are there any rewards for participating in the ALAYA AI platform?

Yes, users can earn rewards in the form of digital assets like NFTs and tokens by participating in quizzes and other activities on the platform. These rewards can also be traded within the ALAYA AI ecosystem.

5. How can I start using ALAYA AI?

To start using ALAYA AI, visit their website and sign up for an account. This will give you access to all the features and activities available on the platform.

6. Where can I find more information about ALAYA AI?

You can find more information about ALAYA AI on their official website, and by following their social media channels on Twitter, Telegram, and Medium. Additionally, you can explore their investor presentation for detailed insights into their business model and vision.

7. What makes ALAYA AI different from other AI platforms?

ALAYA AI stands out due to its integration of social commerce with AI-driven data collection and analysis, coupled with its commitment to privacy and ownership protection. This unique approach allows it to create a sustainable economic system within the AI industry.

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