Choice Home Warranty Awards: What Is It?

Did you just buy a new house or are thinking about getting one? If so, you might have come across home warranty companies.

They offer plans to help cover the cost of surprise repairs or replacing things in your home.

What’s interesting is that every year, some of these companies are awarded for being the best in giving their customers great service and protection.

Choice Home Warranty Awards

The Choice Home Warranty Awards spotlight the best home warranty companies in the U.S., based on real feedback from homeowners.

These companies are judged on their plan options, customer service, value, and overall satisfaction. Winners get to show off a special badge on their sites and promotional stuff.

Why the Awards Matter to Homeowners

For homeowners, these awards are a handy tool to find a trustworthy company that offers solid protection for important home systems and appliances like your plumbing, electrical setup, and heating/cooling units.

This guide will tell you all you need to know about the Choice Home Warranty Awards and how they can help you pick the right home warranty coverage.

What Makes the Choice Home Warranty Awards Special?

These annual awards shine a light on the top home warranty providers in the U.S. and Canada. They check out a bunch of companies every year, looking at their plans, services, prices, and how satisfied their customers are.

The ones that do the best across the board win the Choice Home Warranty Award for Excellence.

Why You Should Care

Choosing an award-winning company means you’re picking a provider known for dependable coverage, quick and helpful service, and a history of satisfied customers.

It’s all about avoiding the frustration of a home warranty that doesn’t come through when you need it.

How Companies Are Evaluated

The awards consider several important factors:

  • What’s covered, from HVAC systems to major appliances
  • Coverage limits and what you might have to pay out of pocket
  • How easy it is to file a claim and how quickly they respond
  • Customer feedback on sites like Trustpilot and the BBB
  • The company’s financial health and history

The Choice Home Warranty Awards identify the providers that offer the best value and reliability. For homeowners looking for a dependable warranty, these winners are a great place to start.

The Story Behind the Choice Home Warranty Awards

Since 2008, the Choice Home Warranty Awards have been spotlighting the top players in the home warranty world.

Home warranties have been helping homeowners save on repair costs since the 1970s.

But as more companies popped up, it became tricky to spot the good ones. That’s where the Choice Home Warranty Awards came in.

Each year, a group of independent judges sifts through hundreds of companies in the U.S. and Canada.

They’re looking for the best in coverage, customer service, satisfaction, and value. The best of the bunch get the Choice Award, the highest honor in the home warranty field.

Big names like American Home Shield and First American Home Warranty often win, but smaller companies get recognized too.

This mix shows that whether big or small, it’s possible to provide top-notch service.

For homeowners, these awards make finding reliable home warranty coverage a breeze.

Winners are the cream of the crop, backed by expert and customer approval. So, when you’re picking a home warranty, keep an eye out for those with a Choice Award.

How Winners Are Chosen for the Choice Home Warranty Awards

Every year, the Choice Home Warranty Awards pick the best home warranty companies through a detailed check-up. Here’s what they look at:

Customer Feedback

They gather reviews from people who’ve used these companies, looking at how happy customers are with the service, the value they get, and how well claims are handled.

The companies that customers rave about the most score higher.

Handling Claims

It’s super important how a company deals with claims.

The Awards team looks at how quickly a company responds, how many claims they approve, and if customers are happy with how their claims were resolved. Companies that are quick and fair get extra points.

Coverage Plans

What kind of coverage a company offers matters too. Companies that have a variety of detailed plans at good prices tend to do better.

The Awards team checks out what’s covered, what’s not, and any extra costs for service calls.

Experience in the Field

How long a company has been around and its knowledge in the home warranty industry also counts.

Older, well-established companies are often ranked higher because they’re seen as more reliable and knowledgeable.

Extra Benefits

Companies that offer cool extras, like apps to help you file a claim, online tips for keeping your home in shape, rewards programs, or discounts on other services, also stand out.

These perks show that a company is going the extra mile for its customers.

In short, the Choice Home Warranty Awards spotlight the companies that are top-notch in customer satisfaction, value, how they handle claims, their experience, and the extra goodies they offer to homeowners.

Winners are picked by looking at all these key points together.

Top Picks from the Choice Home Warranty Awards

The Choice Home Warranty Awards spotlight the cream of the crop in-home warranty services, focusing on coverage quality, customer service, and satisfaction. Here’s a look at some standout winners:

American Home Shield: A Trusted Name

American Home Shield stands out with several awards to its name, celebrated for its broad coverage and stellar customer service.

They offer protection for most big-ticket items in your home, including major appliances, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Their plans are known for being affordable, making it easier for homeowners to manage repair costs.

First American Home Warranty: Quick and Comprehensive Service

Another frequent winner, First American Home Warranty Corporation, is praised for its extensive coverage options for homeowners and buyers alike.

They shine with their around-the-clock emergency services and quick dispatch of contractors for repairs, ensuring that customers are not left stranded in times of need.

Their commitment to easing the stress and expense of home repairs makes them a favored choice.

Why These Winners Stand Out

Award recipients like American Home Shield and First American Home Warranty have proven their worth with plans that offer genuine value and exemplary service.

These awards, based on expert evaluations and customer feedback, ensure that the highlighted companies have made a real commitment to serving their customers’ needs.

For those looking for dependable home warranty coverage, these award-winning companies are excellent starting points.

Why Winning a Choice Home Warranty Award Matters

Getting a Choice Home Warranty Award is a big deal for companies and tells homeowners a lot about their commitment to quality and service.

Boosts Company Profile

An award from Choice Home Warranty puts a company in the spotlight, making it more visible and trusted among homeowners.

It’s like a seal of approval that attracts attention and marks the company as a reliable choice for home warranty services.

This kind of recognition can even catch the eye of new customers who are looking for top-notch home protection.

Increases Customer Confidence

An award is a sign of excellence and reassures homeowners that experts in the field respect and endorse the company.

This makes people feel more comfortable choosing them for their home warranty needs, knowing they’re going with a company that’s received a thumbs-up for their outstanding service and reliability.

Draws in New Business

The buzz from winning can bring in new customers.

With an award in their trophy case, companies can highlight their achievement in ads, on social media, and their website, catching the eye of potential new customers who want the best protection for their homes.

Boosts Team Morale

Inside the company, an award is a reason to celebrate. It tells the team that their hard work pays off and is valued, leading to happier employees who are motivated to keep up the good work.

This positive atmosphere can lead to even better service and innovation.

In short, the benefits of snagging a Choice Home Warranty award touch everyone involved, from boosting the company’s market presence to giving homeowners confidence in their choice.

It’s a win-win, signaling a company’s dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.


Here’s the essential info on the Choice Home Warranty Awards and why they’re a big deal for homeowners.

These awards aren’t just for show they’re all about offering real benefits to you.

The companies that win do so because they’re the best at what you care most about, good coverage, great customer service, being affordable, and having a strong reputation.

When you’re picking a home warranty company, think about the ones that have won these awards.

They’ve been thoroughly checked out by an independent group, so you know they’re reliable.

With the right home warranty in place, any surprise repairs should feel more like a small bump in the road rather than a major disaster.

Keep safe and make informed choices, homeowners!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the Choice Home Warranty Awards?

The Choice Home Warranty Awards recognize the best home warranty companies based on factors like coverage, customer service, affordability, and reputation. These awards are given to companies that provide exceptional value and service to homeowners.

How are winners of the Choice Home Warranty Awards selected?

Winners are chosen through a rigorous evaluation process by an independent third party. This process includes analyzing customer reviews, coverage options, service efficiency, pricing, and the company’s overall reputation in the market.

Why should I consider a company that has won a Choice Home Warranty Award?

Choosing a company that has won a Choice Home Warranty Award means you’re selecting a provider that has been independently verified for its excellence in coverage, customer service, affordability, and reliability. This can give you peace of mind knowing you’re in good hands.

Can winning a Choice Home Warranty Award affect the pricing of plans?

Winning an award doesn’t necessarily mean a company will raise its prices. Often, award-winning companies maintain competitive pricing to continue offering great value to customers. However, pricing can vary based on coverage options and other factors.

Where can I find a list of Choice Home Warranty Award winners?

You can usually find a list of the latest Choice Home Warranty Award winners on the official website hosting the awards. Sometimes, the winners will also feature the award badge prominently on their own websites and marketing materials.

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