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Today, I’m excited to dive into the life and career of a well-known figure, Gabriel Plotkin, commonly referred to as Gabe Plotkin.

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Who Is Gabriel Plotkin?

Gabriel Plotkin, often known as Gabe Plotkin, is a notable figure in the finance industry, primarily recognized for his work as a hedge fund manager.

Gabriel Plotkin, born in 1978, is an American businessman renowned for founding Melvin Capital Management and Tallwoods Capital LLC a hedge fund known for its focus on consumer stocks and technology. He is also the co-chairman of the Charlotte Hornets.

Plotkin gained significant attention in the financial world for his impressive trading strategies and performance at Melvin Capital, which he started after a successful stint at Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital, where he was one of the top portfolio managers.

However, Gabe Plotkin’s name became even more prominent in the public eye during the GameStop trading frenzy in early 2021.

His fund, Melvin Capital, suffered substantial losses due to a short position in GameStop, which became the target of a massive buying spree by retail investors influenced by the subreddit r/wallstreetbets.

This event brought significant media attention and scrutiny to Plotkin and his fund.

Despite these challenges, Plotkin remains a respected figure in the hedge fund community for his earlier achievements and expertise in trading.

Biography of Gabriel Plotkin

Born1978 or 1979 (age 45–46), Portland, Maine, US
EducationNorthwestern University (B.A.)
OccupationHedge fund manager
Known forCo-chairman of the Charlotte Hornets Founder of Melvin Capital Founder of Tallwoods Capital LLC
SpouseYaara Bank-Plotkin

Life of Gabriel Plotkin

Gabe Plotkin grew up in a prosperous family in Portland, Maine. He excelled academically, graduating magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in economics from Northwestern University.

Early Career

Plotkin began his career at Henry Crown and Company, moving on to North Sound Capital as a consumer stocks analyst.

In 2006, he joined S.A.C. Capital Advisors, a prominent hedge fund, where he quickly became one of its top traders, managing a portfolio worth over $1 billion.

Family of Gabriel Plotkin

  • Father: David S. Plotkin
  • Grandfather: Charlene Perlow

Who is Gabe Plotkin’s Wife?

Plotkin is married to Yaara Bank-Plotkin, a native of Queens, New York and they have four children. He is of Jewish descent. His philanthropic efforts focus on supporting veterans and the Jewish community.

He is a board advisor for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation and, through the Gabriel and Yaara Plotkin Family Foundation, supports various causes including the Wounded Warrior Project and Chabad of Southampton.

Gabe Plotkin’s character in a Hollywood Movie

Sony Pictures has unveiled a trailer for a film titled “Dumb Money,” which dramatizes the GameStop short squeeze saga from January 2021. In this film, Seth Rogen plays Gabe Plotkin.

The trailer features a scene where Plotkin, portrayed by Rogen, despairingly tells his wife about losing $1 billion in a single day, and another $1 billion the previous day, highlighting the dramatic impact of the financial event on his life.

Companies Owned by Gabriel Plotkin

1 – Melvin Capital Management

In 2014, with $200 million backing from his former boss Steve Cohen, Plotkin launched Melvin Capital Management in New York, naming it after his grandfather.

By 2017, the fund managed $3.5 billion and earned Plotkin $300 million, ranking him among the top hedge fund earners. His earnings peaked in 2020 at over $850 million.

However, in 2021, the fund suffered significant losses due to a high-profile short squeeze involving GameStop stocks.

Despite attempts to stabilize the fund with substantial investments from notable figures, Melvin Capital closed down in May 2021.

2 – Tallwoods Capital LLC

Following the closure of Melvin Capital, Plotkin established Tallwoods Capital LLC in 2022, a family office based in Miami Beach, Florida, focusing on long-term investments.

3 – Charlotte Hornets Ownership

In 2019, Plotkin acquired a minority stake in the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets and served as an alternate governor.

In June 2023, he and Rick Schnall purchased the team from Michael Jordan, who remains a minority owner. Plotkin now serves as the team’s co-chairman.

What is the Net Worth of Gabe Plotkins?

Gabe Plotkin’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million. This figure, cited by credible sources like Marca, reflects a significant amount of wealth, though it is noted that Plotkin’s net worth has been higher at other times in his career.

According to Forbes, he earned $300 million in 2017 and his earnings peaked at $850 million in 2020.

However, his fortunes took a dramatic hit due to substantial losses during the GameStop incident, affecting his personal wealth significantly.

Despite these financial setbacks, Plotkin’s situation has not been catastrophic, especially when compared to individuals with less financial cushion.

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