Is Colby Ryan Still Married? Things You Need To Know

A lot of folks are curious about whether Colby Ryan is still married. I’m here to talk about Colby, who is Lori Vallow’s oldest son.

He’s had a tough time because he lost his two younger siblings in 2020. If you want to know if he’s married or not, I’ll dive into that.

Plus, I’ll share some details about his life, including stuff about his wife, his background, how old he is, his activity on Instagram, and what he’s worth.

Kelsee’s Early Connection with Colby

Kelsee Ryan, originally from Arizona, knew Colby Ryan from middle school as she was friends with his brother.

Their friendship strengthened in junior high and blossomed into romance during Kelsey’s college years when Colby asked her out.

Facing Challenges

Their relationship was initially met with disapproval from Colby’s mother, Lori Vallow, who had concerns about Colby drifting from the LDS Church’s teachings.

Kelsee found Lori’s behavior controlling and passive-aggressive, especially as she competed for Colby’s attention.

Distance from Lori Vallow

As Kelsee and Colby’s relationship progressed to engagement and marriage, Kelsee distanced herself from Lori, whose behavior became increasingly erratic.

While some of Colby’s relatives accepted Kelsee, the dynamic changed after the death of Charles Vallow and the disappearance of Colby’s siblings, JJ and Tylee.

Searching for Missing Siblings

During the troubling times of JJ and Tylee’s disappearance, Kelsee supported Colby in looking for answers, even investigating the family’s digital records, but to no avail.

They faced these hardships together and welcomed their daughters, Riley and Ava, into their family.

Current Status with Colby Ryan

Kelsee and Colby reportedly separated in mid-2022. Later, Kelsee accused Colby of sexual abuse, but the details remain unclear, and it’s unknown whether they will divorce.

After the charges were dropped, Kelsee focused on her career and raising her daughters in Mesa, Arizona.

How Old is Colby Ryan?

Curiosity about someone’s age is natural, and if you’ve been wondering about Colby Ryan, as of 2024, he’s 28 years old.

I’ll keep you updated as we learn more about him and any developments in his life story.

Colby Ryan’s Family

Colby Ryan was married to Kelsee, and they have two children together. In September 2022, Colby was accused by Kelsee, now his estranged wife, of sexual offenses, leading to his arrest.

The details of these allegations are not fully public.

Before these events, Colby was featured in the Netflix documentary “Sins of Our Mother,” where he spoke about his mother’s involvement in a religious cult.

He is also an author, having written “The God Over Odds,” a book detailing his life journey from cult affiliation to finding faith.

Kelsee Ryan’s Professional Path

Kelsee Ryan, once known as Kelsee Benson, was married to Colby Ryan, Lori Daybell’s son. They have two children. Kelsee appeared in series like “The Truth About Lori Vallow” and “Sins of Our Mother,” representing herself.

In 2022, she brought serious allegations of rape against Colby, leading to legal action, though the charges were later dismissed.

Colby Ryan’s Financial Status

The specific details of Colby Ryan’s net worth are not disclosed. However, based on his work history and various skills, his estimated net worth was assessed in 2022.

I’ll keep you posted on any changes or developments regarding his financial situation, including any potential investments that might impact his wealth.

Kelsee’s Net Worth in 2024

While Kelsee Ryan’s financial details are private, it is estimated that her former husband Colby’s net worth could be between $1 million to $5 million as of 2024.

Both Kelsee and Colby appeared in the documentary “Sins of Our Mother.” It’s important to note that Kelsee has accused Colby of rape, an accusation he denies.


Kelsee Ryan crossed paths with Colby Ryan, Lori Vallow’s eldest son, back in high school but only started dating him in college.

Their relationship faced disapproval from Lori due to differing religious beliefs, which Kelsee discussed in a documentary, expressing Lori’s controlling and passive-aggressive behavior.

Kelsee chose to distance herself from Lori, especially after her and Colby’s engagement and subsequent marriage, as she noticed increasingly strange behavior from her mother-in-law.

The family dynamics took a serious turn with the passing of Charles Vallow and the disappearance of Colby’s siblings, JJ and Tylee.

These events significantly affected the family, causing a change in the relationship dynamics.

Kelsee and Colby focused on building their own family, welcoming their daughter Riley and later their second daughter Ava, all while seeking answers to the family mysteries.

Despite the lack of resolution, they continued their life journey together, facing and overcoming obstacles as a united family.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who is Kelsee Ryan?

Kelsee Ryan is known for being the wife of Colby Ryan, the eldest son of Lori Vallow. They met in high school through Colby’s brother.

2. When did Kelsee and Colby Ryan get married?

Kelsee and Colby got married after she began college, although the specific date of their marriage has not been disclosed.

3. Did Lori Vallow approve of Kelsee and Colby’s relationship?

No, initially, Lori Vallow did not approve of their relationship, citing religious differences as a primary concern.

4. What has Kelsee said about Lori Vallow?

In a documentary, Kelsee described Lori as controlling and passive-aggressive, competing with her for Colby’s affection and attention.

5. How many children do Kelsee and Colby Ryan have?

Kelsee and Colby Ryan have two children, daughters named Riley and Ava.

6. Were Kelsee and Colby involved in the search for JJ and Tylee Ryan?

Yes, they both were involved in searching for Colby’s missing siblings, JJ and Tylee.

7. Has Kelsee Ryan kept a distance from Lori Vallow?

Yes, Kelsee has maintained a distance from Lori Vallow, especially after noticing Lori’s increasingly peculiar behavior following her engagement to Colby.

8. Did Kelsee Ryan appear in any documentaries?

Yes, Kelsee appeared in documentaries discussing the case involving Lori Vallow and her missing children.

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