Why Shark Slides Are the Perfect Poolside Shoe

Due to their comfort and support level, shark slides have been the perfect poolside shoe for a very long time. Shark slides have anti-slip soles which make them more convenient to use near slippery surfaces such as pools.

Sharky slides are trending nowadays for obvious reasons like being fashionable and versatile, complementing every occasion. This makes them a favorite shoe of most adults and children.

Key Facts About Shark Slides

The market is full of numerous options for shoes, slides, and sandals. Due to this, choosing a comfortable yet fashionable shoe requires some extra knowledge. So, here are certain key facts about shark slides.

  • In 1916, a man named Robert Pepper first introduced shark slides.
  • Shark slides solved many problems, but the major issue addressed by the usage of shark slides is foot bacteria in winter and protection from slippery surfaces.
  • The open toe of shark slides helps airflow and prevents the accumulation of bacteria which directly improves foot health.
  • They have non-slip soles made of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) that are lightweight and comfortable.

The Secret Behind Shark Slides’ Excellence

Shark slides are the perfect poolside shoe, but what is the secret behind their huge popularity? These shoes are equally popular among people of all ages.

Here are certain features of shark slides that keep them in demand.

Water-resistant Materials 

If water gets absorbed in a shoe, the shoe becomes heavy and uncomfortable. This kind of shoe cannot be worn for outdoor activities, especially at beaches and poolside areas.

Hence, shark slides are here to save you from all of this unwanted experience.

Shark slides are made of high-quality material such as EVA, which is lightweight and waterproof, making them suitable for outdoor activities. This makes the shark slides a perfect poolside shoe. 

Comfort and Support 

The footbed of shark slides is flexible and mould itself according to the feet’ structure. This provides comfort and support to feet.

For longer periods of time, cushioned soles of shark slides offer arch support to the feet. 

Thick soles protect the feet from sharp objects on rough surfaces while walking. These shoes have a soft strap that does not rub against the skin, preventing irritation or unnecessary pain.

Even if you will wear it for extended periods, cushioned soles prevent fatigue.

Quick Drying Feature 

The quick-drying feature of shark slides should be appreciated as this is one of the reasons shark slides are the perfect poolside shoe.

They are designed with materials that shed water instantly and make your feet dry and comfortable. This feature is particularly beneficial after water activities.

The material they are made of contributes to their quick drying ability. Ethylene vinyl acetate does not absorb water.

Moreover, the open toe allows air to pass which also aids in drying and prevents feet from sweating excessively.

Grip and Traction 

Water makes the smooth surface slippery, and hence, we need shoes that have tight grip so they can prevent us from falling.

The grip and traction of shark slides make them stand out as poolside footwear. The sole of shark slides has certain patterns that offer traction and reduce the risk of falling or slipping.

These kinds of shoes are important for water activities as traditional shoes do not provide adequate grip.

Whether walking around the pool or playing poolside games, the reliable grip of shark slides promotes confidence and comfort. 


One of the reasons why shark slides are so popular is their versatility. These shoes are not just for poolside but can also be worn on formal or informal occasions.

Whether you are going to the beach, or for a casual outing with friends, shark slides complement the look.

They are available in various designs and colors. From neutral to bold, every color is eye-catching.

If you have a gathering of friends at the poolside, you can match them with your outfit and slay the look.


Due to high-quality materials, these shoes are made to last as they can withstand slight damage over time.

Rubber soles and synthetic straps are flexible which ensures that they remain in good condition after frequent use. 

Moreover, the durability of shark slides is directly linked to saving money as you do not need to buy shoes every now and then.

Hence, the long lifespan of shoes saves both money and time for the user. Shark slides are the perfect poolside shoe for this reason as well.

Easy Maintenance

Shark slides are not only for their style and comfort level but also for their easy maintenance. Clean them thoroughly.

Your shoe sole should be cleaned thoroughly once a week for a smoother walking experience. Gently fold your shark slides to get rid of stones and brush them off.

You should invest in sole guards and avoid sun exposure. Sole guards help in reducing direct friction to the shoes. The lifespan of the shoes can be increased because it helps prevent overuse.

Place the shoes in areas where there is no direct exposure to sunlight. UV rays can fade the color of the shoes.

Cleaning Process of Shark Slides 

The easy process of shark slide cleaning is given below

  • Clean Spots – Take a neat piece of cloth Damp with warm water and gently rub it on shoes in a circular motion to remove the marks.
  • Soak Slides in Soapy Solution for Cleaning.
  • Wash Off with Water to rinse off the extra soap.
  • Dry in the open air.


The popularity of shark slides as the perfect poolside shoe stems from their exceptional features. Shark slides are the go-to solution for poolside activities.

Their ability to keep feet dry, comfortable, and safe from slipping makes them a favorite among all age groups. Due to their versatility, they can be worn to theme parties and can easily match with outfits.

They are low-maintenance shoes and can be cleaned by just a damp cloth in a moment. These shoes surely increase the excitement and fun level of your experience at the poolside.

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